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Professional Search Engine Marketing

Professional Search Engine Marketing with Smart Financial Guarantees

Got Professional Search Engine Marketing?

Professional Search Engine Marketing is exactly what you will receive from Search Engine Advertising Company.  We are the company that put the search engine marketing world on its ear in 2001 by guaranteeing search engine marketing success the old fashioned way; we guaranteed we would earn it. 

We guaranteed as professionals that we could gather top placement through optimization and marketing methods.  Many other marketing companies stood by, saying "nobody can guarantee this except the search engines themselves who will not."  Interestingly they never stopped to realize it was possible to only bill for top placement in the natural web listings; billing only for success.  Goss Enterprise, a Professional Search Engine Marketing company has done just that and as a company are still here seven years later, while many who are now gone, who claimed they were Search Engine Marketing Professionals, were crying all over the place, saying it could not be done. 

Outliving the competition.....priceless.

So if you are looking for search engine marketing of a truly professional nature you could not have found a better company through your searches.  If you found others through means which indicate to you that that company bid to be found in featured, sponsored, pay per click means, and these are the companies who are claiming they are professional search engine marketing companies, guess again.  Keep looking.  This field is one field that, if they had to pay to be found, they are not a professional search engine marketing company, but they are pretenders.  It's that simple. 


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Search Engine Advertising by Goss Enterprise.  Providing Natural Web Result, Top 20 Search Result Listings, Since 2001.  No cost per click traffic.  No games played; all listings are of verifiable, high search volume keyword phrases.  Only the major US search engines including Yahoo, MSN and Google are covered.  Being listed number 10,325 at Google meets the definition of "listed" to some search engine advertising companies.  Not here; Search Engine Advertising Company by Goss Enterprise considers it valuable only if it is placed in the top 2 pages or top 20 of Yahoo, MSN, Google, etcetera...  If you are not happy with your natural web listings you have come to the right place.  

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