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Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization is billed to or customer monthly for a flat fee, per program, based upon size.  We bill in $125 increments so $125, $250, $375, $500, and so on...

Time is the most  important thing you have. We will give you an amazing return worth the full price today, but next year it is going to cost more.

We will tailor a program to your specific needs that combines a variety of approaches.  We will establish an in depth understanding of your overall operation and business plan objectives.  As business strategists, we determine through extensive question and answer sessions, which digital promotional areas would be effective toward growing your company.  In this exchange we want to determine an understanding and an effective strategy of approach for your company, and we will express the expected benefits from specific services that we recommend, based upon trends and buying habits of your demographic target market.



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