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Economical Search Engine Advertising

Economical Search Engine Optimization Provided by Goss Enterprise Search Engine Advertising Company

We are Goss Enterprise, an economical search engine optimization company.  See our options and rates pages for details.  You can find many who claim to do search engine optimization, even economically, that they will get you submitted, indexed, listed, guarantees galore - how many provide an economical, financial guarantee, that says "we will bill you an economical fee monthly only for search engine optimization that results in listings on the top pages of the major search engines including Yahoo, Google and MSN (Live)"? 

Our version of economy includes paying for optimization of your web site.  The time involved and the results the site will achieve are what you are paying for.  You may choose to have submission only for $49 per month... and / or optimization ... or to have optimization and a Search Engine Rankings Program, which is a monthly program you commit to paying only for top 20 placement on your most searched phrases.  We can help you and keep you within your budget without a problem.

If you appeared first page for "your service" on the search engines we would bill for that.  If you appear on the third page we do not bill for that search engine listing.  It's that simple.  Economical Search Engine Optimization means you pay only for results.

The economy of paying for placement and optimization through Search Engine Advertising Company is very valuable, compared to the high cost of paying for placement through keyword bids at Yahoo and Google.  We can show you how much if you provide us with details of your monthly expenditure there today.  If you never used either we can provide you a likely monthly expenditure to compare on paper next to our economical rates for optimization and placement.  You can not go wrong paying low rates for placement in the natural web listings (results 1-10 of 2,750,000 for example - just these listings) because you are more likely to remain there for a longer period of time.  There truly is no such thing as "homeostasis" when it comes to the search engines.  It takes ongoing work to remain on top.  When you get on top and stay on top of the natural web listings the advantages become more aware over time.  You are not removed from the top of the listings when your search engine advertising budget runs out because you got X amount of clicks.  You remain there 24/7 because your site is there on merit, not on money.  We are not charging per click for the traffic that you derive from our service. 


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Search Engine Advertising by Goss Enterprise.  Providing Natural Web Result, Top 20 Search Result Listings, Since 2001.  No cost per click traffic.  No games played; all listings are of verifiable, high search volume keyword phrases.  Only the major US search engines including Yahoo, MSN and Google are covered.  Being listed number 10,325 at Google meets the definition of "listed" to some search engine advertising companies.  Not here; Search Engine Advertising Company by Goss Enterprise considers it valuable only if it is placed in the top 2 pages or top 20 of Yahoo, MSN, Google, etcetera...  If you are not happy with your natural web listings you have come to the right place.  

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