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Search Engine Advertising Company, Goss Enterprise, elevating many sites Since 2001.

"When your target audience searches Yahoo, Google or MSN, for your product or service, does your site appear in the top 20 of the search engine listings?  Relax.  Search Engine -Advertising.com makes it a reality."  Chris Gossett, CEO, Goss Enterprise, as stated in the TV commercials.

So what is your answer to the question?  Do your current search engine advertising methods still work today?  Is it working as well as it did before?  Do your advertising techniques bring more customers to you over time?  How much does your phone ring?  Your search engine marketing and optimization techniques determine the result of the equation, along with your search engine submissions, your frequency of updating your site, your search engine strategy regarding your links; all are quintessential elements of your search engine advertising strategy.  Usually it requires a lot of attention to different details paid by different people on your behalf.  A full service search engine marketing and advertising firm can handle this for you.


Search Engine Marketing & Advertising Service

Search engine advertising, in general, has to involve some form of assurance of search engine placement in order to truly provide the buyers of search engine advertisement programs with any peace of mind.  Many people pay per visitor, per click, for their search engine marketing.  This method of search engine advertising is highly expensive, for most industries.  With Search Engine-Advertising .com you are going to pay for marketing in the form of the natural search engine rankings, or search result listings in the top 20 of the search engines AOL.com, Bing.com, Google.com, MSN.com and Yahoo.comSearch engine advertising has to take scope of search engines and subsequent search engine placement into consideration. 

Does your current method of search engine advertising involve paid inclusion or paid submission as well as the manual submission that literally anybody can perform themselves?  Paid inclusion or paid submission means your site is going to be reviewed by Yahoo every four days and it helps keeping your site in front of their eyes to see your search engine optimization updates, including meta-tags, various code, content additions, revisions, deletions to your web site.  Your search engine marketing and advertising firm should stay on top of all these areas.

Your search engine marketing and optimization firm should take ethical standings on all the temptations that exist out there which are known as "easy tricks" toward gaining better search engine placement.  Your firm should have a history behind it, of creating long term relationships that are verifiably sound relationships forged only through honest to goodness hard work and ethical optimization practices.  Search Engine Advertising starts here with optimization.  If it isn't well designed it's not going to succeed at Google or Yahoo or the MSN Live search enginesSearch Engines wants fresh, new, relevant content.  It's not a bad idea to provide these in rapid succession and watch your results.  A good firm keeps all these areas in mind when working for your business. 

You want to know that your choice of search engine marketing is within your budget.  You want to know the means of search engine advertising you've selected make sense for finding the value you are looking to get out of your search engine marketing.  Paying particular attention to your bottom line is the best barometer of search engine advertising effectiveness, keeping in mind the time involved as a factor of great importance, and the competition.  It is like flicking a switch, or literally just the click of a mouse, in order to make a site number one on Yahoo, cost per click.  People pay $10-100 and more per visitor for many keyword phrases - we have natural rankings for our clients on many high dollar phrases; lower cost traffic is what we provide in comparison.


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Search Engine Advertising by Goss Enterprise.  Providing Natural Web Result, Top 20 Search Result Listings, Since 2001.  No cost per click traffic.  No games played; all listings are of verifiable, high search volume keyword phrases.  Only the major US search engines including Yahoo, MSN and Google are covered.  Being listed number 10,325 at Google meets the definition of "listed" to some search engine advertising companies.  Not here; Search Engine Advertising Company by Goss Enterprise considers it valuable only if it is placed in the top 2 pages or top 20 of Yahoo, MSN, Google, etcetera...  If you are not happy with your natural web listings you have come to the right place.  

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