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Services we offer

Search Engine Optimization

Logo Creation

Site Targeting

Snap Chat Promotion


OTT / CTV Marketing

Landing Pages

YouTube Video Campaigns

Targeted Display

Email Campaigns


Native Advertising

Social Media Management

Website Design

Social Media Advertising  


Our Search Engine Optimization is billed to or customer monthly for a flat fee, per program, based upon size. 

Design projects such as web design are per project, not hourly.

We can not "tell you how many hours but not charge over an hourly fee."  Charging by the hour punishes us for being good. 

Time is the most  important thing you have. We will give you an amazing return worth the full price today, but next year it is going to cost more.

Design projects such as web design are per project, not hourly.  There is a flat fee not to exceed, that will be the price if you like our logo created in two days or the logo number 22 in approved after 2 months (*for example.  This could take longer...)

With any other digital campaign you will pay a fee based on requirements per project.  We will not charge you a flat fee for digital campaigns.



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